Ogroman broj referenci, tekstova, članaka objavljenih o Jeunesse u znanstvenim, stručnim i popularnim publikacijama svjedoče o velikom interesu javnosti za Jeunesse proizvode. Ovdje je jedan pregled takvih referenci koje mogu poslužiti kao ilustracija, ali i relevantan izvor informacija o kvaliteti i značaju Jeunesse proizvoda.








Jeunesse products have been mentioned in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles (see covers of all of these articles in one place here):

  • 2015 Mar. 27  Beautezine Magazine – “10 Game-Changing Beauty Breakthroughs“:  Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless is #9; “Finally! An anti-aging cream that delivers immediate and dramatic results. Instantly Ageless is a lightweight mineral complex that evens out the skin tone, reduces wrinkles and tightens loose areas IN SECONDS. Seriously, it’s something you need to see to believe (check out this video). Especially around the eyes, this cream diminishes puffiness and bags dramatically. Unfortunately, the results aren’t permanent, however the nourishing formula does help to improve skin over time as well.”  You’ll want to read the whole article, with cool innovations from companies like Vidal Sassoon, Shiseido, and Dove.
  • 2015 Mar. 07  Cosmopolitan – Jeunesse Instantly Ageless:  “Is This The Answer To All Our Eye Bag Problems?  You have to see it to believe it.“
  • 2015 Feb. 17 KCTV5 News on Jeunesse Instantly Ageless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjR7IHpBrp0 (3 min.), with the transcript on the KCTV5 news site.  The story also ran on Cleveland’s Channel 19 News.
  • 2014 Nov. 16  Jeunesse Announces New Product Launch: Instantly Ageless; “Jeunesse launched their newest product on Friday, November 7, after acquiring the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to Instantly Ageless™ … all units were completely sold out by the event’s end.“
  • 2014 Jun. Women’s Running Mag – Jeunesse Luminesce
  • 2014 May 18 Lustre Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce
  • 2014 May 13 Flamingo Pink – Jeunesse Luminesce: “Okay wow. Not only is the lid on the bottle so cool but the cream is so so smooth and better than that – it leaves your skin feeling hydrated for a good 24 hours after applying.“
  • 2014 May  Prevention Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce
  • 2014 May 17  Skeeter & Scout – Jeunesse Reserve; “Anti-Ageing Tips For Beginners“
  • 2014 Apr. 04  SheSaid Magazine – Jeunesse Cleanser; “Face Facts: How To Detox Your Skin“
  • 2014 Apr.  Style Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce (page 71); “Stem the Tide“
  • 2014 Mar. 25  Prodijee Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Line (page 30); “Skin Repair While You Sleep“
  • 2014 Mar. 21  Beauty-Junkie.net – Jeunesse Reserve; “Drink Yourself Young?“
  • 2014 Mar. 20  MeMyBestAndI.com – Jeunesse Luminesce Moisturizer; “The Day Cream I’ve Been Searching For“
  • 2014 Mar. 10  Woman’s Day Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum
  • 2014 Feb. 27  SeducedByBeauty.com – Jeunesse Reserve; “Anti-ageing with a Difference–RESERVE”
  • 2014 Feb.  Prevention Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum (page 117) “Your Skin, Only Better“
  • 2014 Jan. 31  ThePlasticDiaries.com – Jeunesse Reserve; “5 Things You Need To Know About Resveratrol“
  • 2014 Jan.  08  Queensland Times – Jeunesse Luminesce Line (page 14) “The Future of Skincare is Now Available“
  • 2014 Jan.  Lustre Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce (page 42); “Aging Skin“
  • 2014 Jan.  Cove Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce
  • 2013 Oct. 26  Townsville Eye Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce
  • 2013 Sep.  Women’s Health Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum (page 150); “2013: A Face Odyssey Welcome To The Future Of Your Face“
  • 2013 Sep. 16  PrettyMom.org – Jeunesse Luminesce Night Repair review
  • 2013 Sep. 24  The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter – Luminesce Night Repair review
  • 2013 July  Vogue Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum; “Forever Young: Stem Cells“
  • 2013 July  BreatheBeautyBlog.com – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum review
  • 2013 July 21  The Sunday Telegraph – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum; “Sci-Fi Skin“
  • 2013 Jun. 30  Beauty for Thought – Jeunesse Luminesce Moisturizer and Body Renewal review
  • 2013 Jun.  Shape Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Moisturizer; “Your Skin, A to Z”
  • 2013 Jun.  Styling You – Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser; “5 Bathroom Beauty Products to Treat your Skin“
  • 2013 Jun.  Canberra Weekly – Jeunesse Luminesce Night Repair; “The Look: Ageing Gracefully”
  • 2013 Jun.  The Beauty of Red Roses – Jeunesse Luminesce Night Repair review; “Protect Your Skin While You Sleep!”
  • 2013 Jun. 24  Behind the Frames – Jeunesse Luminesce Body Renewal review
  • 2013 Jun.  Beautiful Kayekie – Jeunesse Luminesce Cleanser review; “June Beauty Favourites”
  • 2013 Jun.  Label Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce (page 39)
  • 2013 May  Luxury Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Line; “Fight Nature with Stem Cell Science“
  • 2013 Apr.  LuckyHer.com – Jeunesse Luminesce Line review
  • 2013 Apr.  Aesthetics Practitioners Journal – Jeunesse Luminesce Line; “Advanced Stem Cell Derived Skincare With Growth Factors”
  • 2013 Mar.  House & Garden Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce Serum; “Skin in the Game”
  • 2013 Mar. 13  TV Soap magazine  – Jeunesse Luminesce Line; “The future of skincare is here”
  • MetroWest Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce:  “The future of skincare is here with the launch of Luminesce from Jeunesse Global.“
  • Profile Magazine – Jeunesse Luminesce


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